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No Dumbing Down

  • No Dumbing Down:  A Leader's Guide to Organization Growth
  • Strategic Positioning: A Dynamic Framework to Determine the Future of Your Organization
  • The Growth Gap: Closing the Space between the Present and Potential for Organizations
  • You Can Have it All - If You Don't Do It All Yourself
  • From Startup to Grownup - and Back Again: How to Utilize Best Practices from Both Stages
  • Align Your Stars®  Don't Just Marshal Your Resources, Align Them for Peak Effectiveness
  • Leading from the MetaZone: How CEOs Build Better, Bigger Organizations

Most companies aren’t getting the maximum value from the execution of their business strategies, according to Karen D. Walker, president and principle consultant at  Oneteam Consulting, a global expert at exploiting unrealized organizational growth potential.

As an early employee and vice president at Compaq Computer Corporation where she was responsible for creating $1 billion in global infrastructure, Walker has a unique perspective on how to grow companies.

“The core problem is that there is a gap between where organizations are now and where they want to be. Leaders need to create awareness, strategy and action to close that gap,” said Walker.

Karen is exactly the kind of person you would seek out for measured, honest, and thoughtful advice. She works hard and seeks to understand the corporate dynamics and psychology underlying organizational and individual decisions.
— Eileen Elliott, Partner, Dunkiel Saunders Elliott Raubvogel & Hand

Growth Gap, A Talk by Karen Walker

This element is focused on creating awareness of what is possible. Too often we spend our time focused on what to do before we have considered the broad variety of options available to us. Look forward to your goals without being constrained by the obstacles. 

Closing the Growth Gap by Karen Walker on ISSUU.COM


  • Hold Your Feet to the Fire
  • Create Time to Think
  • Avoid the Abundance Trap
  • Align Your Stars
  • Master the Art of Leverage

Karen’s six key strategies that entrepreneurs can use as benchmarks as part of their decision making process offered a fresh approach to evaluating growth that had our attendees nodding their heads in agreement.
— Harriet Hollis, Executive Director, The Atlanta CEO Council
In this video, Karen shares her strategies that both her Fortune 500 and tech clients such as Lancope, ChoicePoint, Witness Systems (Verint), nCourt and QASymphony have found powerful and effective.

Past Speaking Events

Sometimes we have leader in our title, but sometimes we don’t. Either way, you can adopt a leadership role. We’ll explore different types of power and influence, how to optimize the talent in the room, minimize surprises and stay on track in group settings. These and more strategies that you can apply to effectively lead and influence teams, from wherever you are.

MRA's CEO Summit | Keynote speaker Karen Walker

No Dumbing Down and Other Strategies CEOs Use to Guide Growth
— With Karen Walker

The Atlanta CEO Council #OBISeries | Talks by Karen Walker

The Atlanta CEO Council #OBI Series focuses on one big idea with insights into ideas, technology and current  issues delivered by thought leaders in a variety of disciplines.