CXO Interviews

Sowmyanarayan Sampath

Chief Revenue and Growth Officer
Verizon Business Group

When is 4% growth harder than it appears to be? Could it be when you are CRO for a $30 billion business, and 4% growth means generating $1.2B in new revenue each year – in addition to retaining a $30B base? I interviewed Sowmyanarayan Sampath, the new Chief Revenue and Growth Officer for Verizon’s $30 billion Business Group.

Dan Wright

President and COO

Dan is the current President and COO of DataRobot where he has overseen explosive growth, from x to over $1Billion (unicorn!) in valuation. Read Karen’s interview on leading digital transformation.

Lauren Goldstein


Lauren is the current Chief Revenue Officer for Annuitas, an organization that leads strategic demand marketing transformations, to discover more about this trend. Read Karen’s interview on the importance of a “we” mindset in partnerships are crucial, as well as other emerging C-Suite positions in large corporations.

Rahul (Raj) Bhandari

Slingshot: How Adversity Propels Leaders to Find Purpose, Be Impactful, and Create Change.

In my interview with Bhandari, he says “People told me that I helped them develop resiliency and that they were better able to navigate challenges.” Their feedback led me to develop workshops and subsequently, the book. It’s important to note that this method – and the path within it – can help anyone who wants to create a life of Significance and become an inspiring leader.

Jamie Learner

CEO, President and Chairman of the Board

From his time of joining Quantum in 2018, he has led a transformation that brought the company back from the brink of collapse. Read more in my interview with Jamie to learn what kind of strategic plan he implemented to turn everything around.

Paul Judge, Ph.D

Panoramic Ventures
Managing Partner

Paul is currently a Managing Partner at Panoramic Ventures, the largest tech venture fund headquartered in the Southeast. Read my interview with Paul about finding and supporting today’s underserved founders, the leaders of tomorrow’s organizations.