Karen Walker has been in your shoes. As employee #104 at Compaq Computer, she helped lead the organization from $0 to $15 billion in annual revenue. For the past twenty years, she has been a consultant, executive coach and thought partner for high level executives facing growth at light speed.
— Dorie Clark

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

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Startup Fest in Montréal — July 9-12, 2019

No Dumbing Down: Leading Your Organization for Growth

Many successful startups experience a particularly disturbing problem: that is, you’ve made big promises to the marketplace, but things aren’t working the way you know they could. Producing what you should be producing is more difficult than you expected. You and your teams are working far too hard. What’s causing these bottlenecks? It all boils down to one word: execution. You’re not executing up to your capabilities. In this workshop, execution-and-growth expert Karen Walker will show you strategies - including how to avoid “teamwork-as-usual” - so you can handle the transition and pump up your ability to scale.

July 9th: After the Big Bang: Create and Align Your Organization for Growth at Lightspeed

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Karen Walker recently spoke at our software testing conference, Accelerate San Francisco. From her long business career and experience coaching/ advising leaders, she brings front lines perspectives on how to lead organizations and teams for growth. Developing instant rapport with her audience, Karen is relatable and engaging. She had clearly thought about her audience and shaped her content appropriately. It ended up being one of the best sessions at Accelerate San Francisco. We look forward to working with her again in the future.
— Kira Mondrus-Moyal, SVP of Global Marketing, Tricentis