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Aligning for Powerful Results

Helping CEOs Build Bigger, Better Companies

  • Are you doing your best work?
  • Is your organization aligned to drive agility, growth and efficiency? 
  • If not, why not? 


Karen’s thoughtful approach to leadership and personnel development has had a profound impact on both my team and our organization as a whole. I’ve leveraged Karen’s expertise in several capacities, spanning from developing myself as a leader within our organization (focusing on both strengths and weaknesses) to further enabling my teams’ ability to effectively communicate and collaborate in a dynamic environment. While adhering to a proven and effective set of methodologies, Karen also takes a customized approach based on organizational dynamics to ensure the efficacy of her programs. Not only do I view Karen as the most effective organizational consultant that I’ve worked with, she is a trusted advisor as well, whom I’d gladly recommend to anyone.
— Ian Steward, VP, Sales, QA Symphony

Karen Walker has had a real business impact . . . We’ve been working with her for a number of years and she is a trusted partner that’s really gotten to understand our business and culture. We’re an execution oriented company. They help us apply an organizational framework to our actions, ensuring alignment and focus at every level.
— Dave Gould, Venture Capitalist, former CEO Witness Systems
Karen has been an incredibly valuable asset to the strategy and growth of our business. Her work began in the area of strategic planning and now includes staff development, growth assessments, talent acquisition, organizational structure…and global growth strategies that include M&A. She is a trusted advisor to our senior leadership, counted on in numerous ways. Her character is impeccable, which goes along well with acute business acumen.
— Steve Schlesinger, CEO Schlesinger Associates

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