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  • Are you doing your best work?

  • Is your organization aligned to drive agility, growth and efficiency? 

  • If not, why not? 

It is no longer enough to be individually technically good at your position – you also need the ability to operate well within a team. Today’s organizations need teams where individuals are working at their peaks - no dumbing down.

Karen’s thoughtful approach to leadership and personnel development has had a profound impact on both my team and our organization as a whole. I’ve leveraged Karen’s expertise in several capacities, spanning from developing myself as a leader within our organization (focusing on both strengths and weaknesses) to further enabling my teams’ ability to effectively communicate and collaborate in a dynamic environment. While adhering to a proven and effective set of methodologies, Karen also takes a customized approach based on organizational dynamics to ensure the efficacy of her programs. Not only do I view Karen as the most effective organizational consultant that I’ve worked with, she is a trusted advisor as well, whom I’d gladly recommend to anyone.
Karen has been an incredibly valuable asset to the strategy and growth of our business. Her work began in the area of strategic planning and now includes staff development, growth assessments, talent acquisition, organizational structure...and global growth strategies that include M&A. She is a trusted advisor to our senior leadership, counted on in numerous ways. Her character is impeccable, which goes along well with acute business acumen.

About Me

 Compaq Computer

Compaq Computer

Karen Walker is the president and principal consultant at Oneteam, Inc., a consulting firm that helps senior leaders create internal strategies that support their organizations’ external growth. 

Decades ago, Karen helped create the (then) fastest growing company in American history: Compaq Computer. After working at Compaq for fourteen years, she left to begin Oneteam. 

She now serves as an executive advisor and consultant to CEOs and senior organization leaders to grow their companies — with outcomes including IPOs, acquisitions, market share increases, and dramatic leadership development. Karen’s work has enabled sustained growth in a multitude of companies, from startups to Fortune 500 firms, including Aetna and BMC Software.

Karen has a B.S. degree in engineering from Texas A&M University and graduated from the ODHRM program at Columbia University. She has served on advisory committees to Rice University and Texas A&M University, and on the executive board of The Alley Theatre. 

She resides in Jupiter, FL, although she can most often be found aloft in seat 2C.

Set your major goals in the context of why you want to achieve them, not just what you want to achieve,” says Karen D. Walker, president of Oneteam, Inc. “Having clarity about intention will increase the quality of your decisions and will keep you going when there are bumps in the road.
— Karen Walker

Her clients say that her move from corporate leader to strategic consultant has given them the opportunity to realize powerful capabilities and results. She works with individuals and organizations in a wide variety of settings and industries.

Karen has an uncanny sense of how to draw out the best in people - to get them to realize that the effective team is greater than than the sum of its parts . . . It is impressive to watch and even more moving to experience the transformation that she engenders. Champlain’s engagement of Karen has been one of the best moves we have made. Our leadership team has benefitted tremendously and the lessons we learned from Karen serve us well every day.
— Dr. David F. Finney, President Champlain College
In our first engagement, the value that Karen provided propelled us toward hitting our 5X sales growth number, with an ROI of over 500% to date. Our team is now fully aligned – we are looking in the same direction, working from the same page with a clear, cohesive vision and executable plan.
— Kristi Zuhkle, CEO , KnowledgeHound

Silicon Cowboys - Official Trailer

A documentary has been created about Compaq Computer and the beginning of the era of open computing. Directed by Academy Award®-nominated director Jason Cohen and produced by Ross M. Dinerstein (JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI) and Glen Zipper (Academy Award®-winning UNDEFEATED), it is based on the book OPEN by Compaq's founder Rod Canion.

“A fascinating account of maverick innovators during the Wild West era of personal computing…vivid and evocative.” – Variety

“A lively look at an underexposed tech-biz success story.” – The Hollywood Reporter

I had the pleasure of working with Karen at Compaq Computer Corporation and Texas Instruments. Karen is one of the most talented colleagues with an amazing depth and breadth of business acumen that spans functions and industry sectors. Karen is able to drive numerous complex priorities while demonstrating the utmost professionalism, gaining the respect of all those she interacts with. She is flawless in her execution. I highly recommend Karen, and would be pleased to discuss her outstanding abilities at any time.
— Cathleen Nickel, VP Compaq Computer
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