Two minutes is all it takes.

I’ve created a series of two-minute videos to breakthrough the noise.
#Tuesday2x2 post every Tuesday and deliver the content and breakthroughs that leaders need, in only two minutes.

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Feedback vs Competence

Why feedback from leadership and employee competency directly impacts success.

Impact of Leader Attitude vs Performance State

How does you attitude as a leader impactthe performance within your organization?

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Back to the Office Ambiguity vs Environment

How does your comfort with ambiguity impact your work environment?

Technical Skills vs Executive Presence

These two traits go hand-in-hand for growth and success.

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Conflict vs Social Capital

How do conflict and social capital go hand-in-hand within your organization?

Vision vs Execution

Vision without execution is a hallucination.

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Blind Spots vs Impact

How big are your blind spots? What impact do these blind spots have on your organization?

Change vs Quick Wins

How does the impact of having quick wins relate to the amount of change taking place within your organization?

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Effort vs Support

What can you as a leader do to make sure your employees are successful?

Accountability Matters vs Bias for Action

How does a bias for action play against an accountability framework?

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Talent vs System Optimization

Inspired by ESPN’s The Last Dance and Michael Jordan

The Impact of Leader Attitude​

See Ya Later or Followers for Life?​

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Good for You

Do you know what’s good for you?

Time to Think / Energy Level​

Why we are sometimes on a hamster wheel, and sometimes having break though moments.

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