Leadership Development Programs

Creating Your Next Generation of Leaders

“The power of the group acts as a motivator to push individuals to perform at their best.”

Karen Walker

Leadership Development Programs

Our approach to leadership development focuses on the competencies needed to lead at the personal, team and organizational levels. Placing a balanced emphasis on each level creates a leader with proportionate skills, capable of managing in diverse circumstances. The developing leader must recognize that the skills to lead are not the same as the skills to “do.” I work with leaders to look at both what is working, and not working in their current behavior, and what is required for the future.

Leadership coaching develops individual talent with personalized, results driven programs. We’re after behavior changes that improve decision making, productivity, and retention. It starts with an assessment. We use 360 feedback tools, stylistic assessments, interviews and observation to understand the whole person. Next, we help the learner clarify their career aspirations and identify the behaviors and competencies necessary to realize their goals.

Group leadership training is at the core of many talent development strategies. The power of the group acts as a motivator to push individuals to perform at their best. Together participants learn, set goals, and debrief their performance; a process that generates deep mutual accountability.


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