Executive Team Development

Cross-organization effectiveness and strong leadership start in the executive team. Unfortunately, those reporting to the CEO often represent independent functions with competing goals; and silos begin from there.

What’s the end result?

An executive team with the ability to scale and grow! A more profitable team due to the efficiency created.

We consider open, honest, non-defensive communication or real-talk key to adaptability and coordination. All executive teams hold a shared set of assumptions known as mental models that help them make sense of their business situation. Mental models are useful, but they also dictate what can be perceived and therefore, define the complete range of leadership’s possible responses. To maximize adaptability and learning, it is imperative that executive teams question their mental models and regularly adjust them to the current environment.

Plan – Execute – Debrief – Learn

Our executive team development instills a PEDL discipline to the team’s processes. PEDL is an iterative, cyclical model that enables adaptation by systematically questioning the basic assumptions lying behind plans and decisions.

Systems orientation, team focus and adaptability. Along the way executive groups improve their capacity for group decision making, problem solving and conflict management.

“It’s not about the team. It’s about what the team does. Create a team that holds itself responsible for both process and results.”

Karen Walker


Organization and Team Development

Not Just Another Training Program… we focus on why we need better functioning teams – the business value and outcomes. We provide comprehensive services for building team-based organizations and human systems that support responsibility taking by individuals and teams within the system. Our experience in corporate team building and sports psychology combined with backgrounds in multinational corporate work provide a broad base of situational and theoretical knowledge.

We create a shift to congruent, disciplined processes, codifying and changing behaviors. Moving the organization from dependence on (people only) to people supported by process. This allows growth and expansion because you are able to scale with process in ways that aren’t possible without.

Large Group

Our large group processes tap the wisdom of your organization generating alignment and commitment … whether you’re planning the future, solving intractable problems, or restructuring the company large group processes create engagement, creativity, and an open inquisitive attitude to change.

The key to the process is putting the whole system in the room. When it’s impossible for everyone to attend, a representative microcosm of the organization recreates the system enabling the process to consider the whole. Large group process generates a shared notion of reality that enables change to happen in the moment. Often, the best way to change a system is to engage the whole system.


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