Mergers And Acquisitions

“It’s no secret that study after study has shown that most mergers fail to deliver on their lofty promises of increased value and benefits to shareholders.” (Across the Board) Once the ink on the contracts has dried and the lawyers and bankers have gone home, the real work begins: joining the two companies. Integrating their cultures, operating systems, and personnel are essential to realizing the lofty promises of increased value.

“A lot of people are paid for making the deal; not many are paid for making it work.”

Karen Walker

Well-planned and well-executed M&A integration can produce extraordinary results.

I help establish principles and priorities that enable them to make rapid, high-quality decisions with little information. Timely decision-making eases employee anxieties and improves morale. We help establish a clear process that serves to guide leadership through the integration. The executive team learns to function under pressure, to learn on the fly while keeping the ball in play.

Increased shareholder value and employee commitment are the combination of outcomes we structure our work to achieve. By refocusing and aligning the combined entities around your strategic objectives, we will enhance and accelerate your competitive edge. My processes, programs and structured tools will engage your employees in such a way that they will have strengthened commitment and energy toward attaining these goals. Employee retention, renewed employee productivity, and the combined synergy between the organizations will help you achieve your financial goal of increasing top-line revenue.

Assessments are crucial in the identification and retention of key personnel and best practices from differing organizations, identifying the best so that the new company can move forward. A typical assessment will include an analysis of the organization with regard to processes, tools, behaviors, beliefs, and written and unwritten rules. I find out how things are actually done. Then, prepare executive teams to lead through the integration.

An imperative in my approach is developing a clear message from leadership about how the new company strategy will be competitive in the marketplace, how the company is going to achieve its goals, and what’s expected , when.


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