Change Management
60 Second Survey

We live in a time of immense change. It is pervasive and permanent; there are no safe havens from change. Our best, most productive response to this situation is to be adaptable and flexible, to be able to effectively handle ambiguity.
“If you don’t manage the change in your organization, it will manage you.”

Karen Walker

Strength + Opportunity

How to tell if you are stuck in the absolute?

Is there a right way and a wrong way to do something? Or are there just different approaches, utilizing different skill sets, with different blind spots, yet resulting in the same outcome?

  • Can you hear possibilities presented by others?
  • Are you certain that you are correct?
  • Is there room for difference in your position?

As the saying goes, good things come to those who are prepared. If you’re not in a position to take advantage of or deal with the normal state of conflict . . . then planning, leadership and managing employees will not be areas of strength and opportunity.

How large is the gap between your organization’s present and its potential?

Take this 60 second survey to rate your organization:

  1. Do you cultivate curiosity, or is it viewed as a distraction?
  2. Do you have the right mix of procedures/freedom for your current size, or are you too loose/too tight?
  3. Is the organization focused solely on the end point, or open to new options on the journey?
  4. Are all employees rewarded for agility, or is it relegated to tech development?
  5. Are you seeking various viewpoints from stakeholders or the nearest, loudest voices?
  6. As a leader are you viewing over the next mountain range or are you looking at your feet on the trail?
  7. Do your employees believe they have exceptional jobs or showing up for the benefits?
  8. Are you reviewing and rewarding outcomes or just actions?

Do you have a strategic profile to guide decisions or is your strategy gathering dust on a shelf?

Do you want to have it all, or to do it all?


90 – 100
Congrats! Let’s fight entropy together and keep you moving in this direction as you grow.

70 – 90
You’re leaving a lot on the table.

Below 70
You’re on a downward slope. Long term success is in the other direction.


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