Karen Walker  - executive coach, consultant, speaker and author

Karen Walker - executive coach, consultant, speaker and author


Aligning for Powerful Results

Helping CEOs build bigger, better companies

  • You’ve found your product/market fit, now what?

  • Are you doing your best work?

  • Is your organization aligned for profitable, sustainable growth?

  • Is your organization aligned to drive agility, growth and efficiency?

  • If not, why not?

Karen created a deep sense of trust with our leadership team over time. They only see her a few times a year, but speak with her regularly and about anything. She helps the team work better together and get the most out of each person, especially as they take on new roles, broader responsibilities and higher expectations. Karen is now setting off to help us build the strength of the level below the executive team. Each person starts in a different place and has different needs. Her ability to make a difference quickly is important to our continued growth
— Tony Clancy, CEO, nCourt
Karen has been an incredibly valuable asset to the strategy and growth of our business. Her work began in the area of strategic planning and now includes staff development, growth assessments, talent acquisition, organizational structure...and global growth strategies that include M&A. She is a trusted advisor to our senior leadership, counted on in numerous ways. Her character is impeccable, which goes along well with acute business acumen.

Our Clients:

In our first engagement, the value that Karen provided propelled us toward hitting our 5X sales growth number, with an ROI of over 500% to date. Our team is now fully aligned – we are looking in the same direction, working from the same page with a clear, cohesive vision and executable plan.
— Kristi Zuhkle, CEO, KnowledgeHound

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Montreal’s Startup Festival. https://www.startupfestival.com/

Karen kicks off the workshop series with her talk: No Dumbing Down: Leading Your Organization for Growth

October 22

Creating Competitive Advantage: IA Corporate Researchers Conference Orlando, FL


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