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  • Are you doing your best work?

  • Is your organization aligned for profitable, sustainable growth?

  • Is your organization aligned to drive agility, growth and efficiency?

  • If not, why not?

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NEW BOOK RELEASE by Karen Walker

"A No Nonsense Guide for CEOs on Organization Growth is a book for a company’s senior-most leaders. It teaches them how to do a job only they can do: aligning the organization’s internal and external strategies for profitable, sustainable growth. Why do leaders need this guidance? The problem is misunderstanding what it takes to grow. When most companies try to grow, they invariably over focus on sales and revenue-growth — at the expense of making sure they’ve aligned the infrastructure needed to support that growth. The result? Sales outpace the company’s ability to fulfill its promises. 

Book Reviews

In 2018, Karen Walker and seven other leading influencers joined thought leadership expert Dorie Clark in her Trajectory Mastermind Group. Committed to learning, they shared with one another the most influential books they had read throughout their careers. Here is that list.

Karen has been an incredibly valuable asset to the strategy and growth of our business. Her work began in the area of strategic planning and now includes staff development, growth assessments, talent acquisition, organizational structure...and global growth strategies that include M&A. She is a trusted advisor to our senior leadership, counted on in numerous ways. Her character is impeccable, which goes along well with acute business acumen.

“ Dumbing down is insidious, like a corporate virus.”