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Karen Walker is an executive coach and consultant who advises CEOs and senior leaders on thriving in hyper-growth. She has worked with clients including Aetna, AWS, Pfizer, JPMorganChase, and BMC Software, as well as Inc. 5000 startups. 

Karen is also a  board advisor, keynote speaker, and the author of No Dumbing Down: A Guide for CEOs on Organization Growth. As employee 104 at Compaq, Karen helped lead the then-fastest growing company in American history, growing it from $0 to $15 billion in revenue.

Karen has been published in Harvard Business Review’s Ascend, and quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The San Francisco Chronicle.

Karen has a B.S. degree in engineering from Texas A&M University and graduated from the ODHRM program at Columbia University. She has served in an advisory capacity to startups,Rice University, and Texas A&M University, and on the executive board of The Alley Theatre. 

She resides in Jupiter, FL, although she can most often be found aloft in seat 2C.


A little more backstory ...

Karen's path to consulting is a direct result of two inflection points: meeting Dr. Bob Moore (now her husband) and her deep seated commitment to working and living congruently . Dr. Bob founded Oneteam's predecessor company, working in clinical, organization and sports psychology settings. One noteable highlight of his long and productive career is his position as coach for the U.S. skydiving team Airspeed and their 12 consecutive national and world championships. After a decade of co-leadership of Oneteam, Bob retired from corporate work to teach Tai Chi, and can often be found on the business end of a saltwater fishing pole.


Read Karen’s latest article in HBR Ascend:

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How to Stop Babysitting Your Team

Four strategies you can use to build trust with your team.

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No Dumbing Down: Leading Your Organization for Growth

Many successful startups experience a particularly disturbing problem: that is, you’ve made big promises to the marketplace, but things aren’t working the way you know they could. Producing what you should be producing is more difficult than you expected. You and your teams are working far too hard. What’s causing these bottlenecks? It all boils down to one word: execution. You’re not executing up to your capabilities. In this workshop, execution-and-growth expert Karen Walker will show you strategies - including how to avoid “teamwork-as-usual” - so you can handle the transition and pump up your ability to scale.

October 22, 2019

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I had the pleasure of working with Karen at Compaq Computer Corporation and Texas Instruments. Karen is one of the most talented colleagues with an amazing depth and breadth of business acumen that spans functions and industry sectors. Karen is able to drive numerous complex priorities while demonstrating the utmost professionalism, gaining the respect of all those she interacts with. She is flawless in her execution. I highly recommend Karen, and would be pleased to discuss her outstanding abilities at any time.
— Cathleen Nickel, VP Compaq Computer
Karen has an uncanny sense of how to draw out the best in people - to get them to realize that the effective team is greater than than the sum of its parts . . . It is impressive to watch and even more moving to experience the transformation that she engenders. Champlain’s engagement of Karen has been one of the best moves we have made. Our leadership team has benefitted tremendously and the lessons we learned from Karen serve us well every day.
— Dr. David F. Finney, President Champlain College
Compaq Computer

Compaq Computer

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Her clients say that her move from corporate leader to strategic consultant has given them the opportunity to realize powerful capabilities and results. She works with individuals and organizations in a wide variety of settings and industries.

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