Persistent Systems: Balancing Culture And Values With Rapid Growth

Persistent Systems is a leader in digital engineering and enterprise modernization, working alongside independent software vendors to develop products and platforms like SaaS and cloud technology. The company has annualized revenue of approximately $1 billion, a market cap of $4.6 billion and more than 20,000 employees globally. I recently spoke with Sandeep Kalra, the company’s […]

Keeping The Customer In Mind: Verizon’s Approach To Business Markets And SaaS

Business Markets and SaaS, a division of Verizon Business, supports small to medium-sized businesses through their digital transformations by offering services and solutions to help them grow and thrive in today’s ever-changing market. I recently spoke with Aparna Khurjekar, the newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer for Verizon’s Business Markets and SaaS division, to discuss her […]

HCLTech’s Culture Of Innovation Propels Growth

HCL Technologies (HCLTech) is a $12 billion global technology company with 220,000 people in 54 countries, offering services in digital transformation, engineering, R&D and software products. I recently spoke with C. Vijayakumar (CVK), CEO and Managing Director, who shared his thoughts on business shifting to digital services, leading a global organization, and transforming the fan […]

Using Technology And Culture To Simplify Data Storage

Pure Storage’s mission is to help organizations around the world “to uncomplicate data storage, forever.” Charles Giancarlo, CEO and Chairman at Pure Storage, shared his insights on innovation in the data storage industry, leading through hyper-growth and fostering culture in a hybrid environment. Simplify Data Storage Data storage is a critical component of any organization’s […]

Leading Lenovo’s Move Toward Solutions And Services

Lenovo, a leading technology provider with roughly 80,000 employees worldwide, has made a significant move into the services and solutions business with the establishment of Lenovo Solutions and Services Group (SSG). I recently sat down with Ken Wong, the President of SSG, to discuss the company, making the shift to solutions and services, leading a […]

Innovator Ayse Birsel: Design The Long Life You Love

As our lifespans have increased, so have the opportunities to use those additional years in a creative way. Ayse Birsel – author, award-winning industrial designer and innovator, creates products and systems with Fortune 500 companies and has turned her talent to designing life. We spoke recently about her new book, Design the Long Life You Love: […]