Lessons From Formula E Racing For High-Performance Teams

Most Americans are familiar with Formula 1 racing, popularized by the Netflix show Drive to Survive. Much less well-known is a fascinating analog, Formula E racing, which was created in 2012 with a mission to show “just what sustainable mobility was capable of, driving electric vehicles to the fore in the race for a better, cleaner future.” […]

Rebel & Co.’s Founder Leah Hacker: Leading Innovation By Learning To Say Yes

Fast-growing strategy, research & innovation firm Rebel & Co. partners with clients such as Morgan Stanley and Tecovas to help them identify who their customers are, where to find them, what they need and how to deliver it best. I spoke with Leah Hacker, Founder and CEO, about the company, its methodology, and leadership. This article has […]

Salesforce CIO Olsovsky: Employee Experience Starts With A Leadership Mindset

Jo-ann de Pass Olsovsky climbed every rung of the proverbial career ladder to reach her position as CIO at Salesforce – and gives liberal credit to others for helping her up. Her broad experience gives her an uncommon appreciation of employee engagement and experience. I spoke with her recently about her leadership lessons, her experience […]

Markforged Rings The IPO Bell As Distributed Manufacturing Meets Its Soft Side

Shai Terem, the CEO of industrial 3D printing platform leader Markforged, recently led his organization through an IPO (NYSE: MKFG) via a merger with SPAC one, founded and led by tech investor Kevin Hartz. During the pandemic, distributed manufacturing – a key strength of a 3D printing platform – has seen a tremendous increase in demand to meet the […]