CEO/Executive Advisor and Coach


Everyday, CEOs face ambiguity, major change and organizational fragmentation while having to deliver results. Karen provides support, a safe confidential environment and an external, objective point of view to look at important decisions. Her years of business experience across a variety of industries provides the back drop for advising CEOs on matters of vital importance.

Executive consultation is usually a retained service and includes these key benefits:

  • A sounding board

  • Unbiased 3rd party review

  • Support for accountability

  • Devil’s advocate for key decisions

  • Idea and technique source

  • Process guidance

  • Confidante to discuss challenging organization and personnel issues

Are you prepared to take advantage of the opportunity? We work with organizations to identify and close their growth gap.

  • You have growth opportunities -- but lack prioritization or follow-through

  • Your functional silos work well -- but are mis-aligned to support your growth

  • You have good M&A activity -- but unrealized value from the deals

  • You have systems and processes which supported you to this point -- but are unable to support your organizational growth.

You can do it all, if you don’t do it all yourself.
— Karen Walker
I like Karen’s approach because she makes things work efficiently, and we get the results we need. It’s always hard to find time for…strategy setting, but somehow she makes it all happen without too much effort. I guess it is her rich background and experience. I’m pretty sold on it.
— Mary Nugent, BMC Software