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Our partnering approach is based on creating real, ongoing value for our clients. We see the unique vision of each client as a real test – and a real opportunity – for both the client and ourselves. These case studies place our services in the context of these diverse challenges. We invite you to explore what a relationship with our team can mean.


Reorganizing for Increased Effectiveness :  A State Agency Rethinks its Structure

Over time, organizational structures can become ossified and detract from optimal performance. Faced with a legislative mandate to reorganize and improve customer service, this state agency thoroughly rethought its structure. “Karen's team was fantastic! They were instrumental in designing and conducting the inquiry process as well as galvanizing the leadership team, contributing greatly to our effectiveness. They added huge value, going above and beyond their responsibilities to see this project through.” Charlie Smith, Secretary Vermont Agency of Human Services

Leaders for Tomorrow : Insurance Company Launches Leadership Development Program

A major health insurance company understands the need to begin developing tomorrow’s leaders today. In response to this need, the organization created a Leadership Development Program (LDP) designed to nurture and shape emergent leaders who will ultimately form the backbone of the company’s leadership. The program’s intent is to shift the entire organization’s culture over time by infusing the company with adaptive, courageous leaders of character.

Healing the Healers : A Healthcare Turnaround

This regional ophthalmology center had grown from a private practice to an employer of thirty-five. An early adopter of LASIK and corneal surgery practices, the firm had enjoyed rapid growth in a favorable regulatory and competitive environment. Then the FBI knocked on the door, with a highly visible investigation into possible Medicare issues. Unexpected challenges are an opportunity for change.

"Oneteam has the unique ability to see the underlying issues that challenge most teams and to enable individuals and organizations to grapple with and overcome those challenges. Their professionalism, empathy and integrity instantly earn the trust of every member of the work team."

Dr. Joel K. Shugar, MD, MSEE, Medical Director, CEO Nature Coast Eyecare Institute


Victims of Success : A  Global Software Leader gets Back in the Game

Meeting your customers needs, being in the right place, having the right mix -- sometimes the combination results in explosive growth.  When a company vaults to the top, sometimes there are severe growing pains. Internal dysfunctions were allowing this top tier software company to rapidly lose market share to its rival.  New product releases were needed, and time was critical.  Staying on top presented challenges as great as getting there.

Shared Strategy : Creating the Environment for Optimal Execution

This top tier software company was experiencing heavy competitive pressure. Their products suite was a standard for the industry, but smaller, more flexible rivals had produced a greatly improved suite of products. Internal development was stagnated and the clock was ticking. Held to the highest standard, the company needed to develop their new product release with more features and higher quality in less time than any of their previous versions.

Crossing the Border to Excellence : A Domestic Software Leader Goes Global

Leaders in the digital revolution, this software firm had successfully captured their market in the United States.  Through a blend of organic and external strategic growth, the company was primed to take the next step: capture a global market.