Time to Think

Too often, a client will say “I spend my days in back to back meetings, and I do my real job after work.” There are a number of things wrong with this sentence, but let’s focus in on just a few. First, why are you scheduled in back-to-back meetings? End those meetings 10 minutes before […]

A Hurricane of Nephews

Our nephews just left after their annual visit. They live in the South and visit us for camp and a few Vermont summer days each year. As always, I was overjoyed to see them arrive, happy they had good experiences at camp and grateful for the time we had together as a family.  And noticing […]

Ask for What You Want

Ask for what you want, notice what you get. So many of our problems can be solved by such a seemingly simple action. No one else can truly understand what is in our minds. The best they can do are successive approximations based on our past behavior. Many well-intended actions by others are off the […]

Own Your Brand

Imagine that one day you don’t have your business card. You want to find work, or go out on your own. But very few people return your calls or respond to emails. Then you learn people were primarily responding to your position, not to you personally; because you didn’t build your brand!  More at:  http://bit.ly/ZuLwq4

And We’re Off!

Align Your Stars is a companion to Karen Walker’s Oneteam Consulting and we’ll post on all things related to increasing success for organizations and individuals. These topics  are the difference in getting by and true high performance.