Do This First

There are tracts in my life that are bare and silent. They are the open spaces where my busy days had their light and air.

  Rabindranath Tagore

Happy New Year 2016 and welcome back from the holiday break!

I’m reminded, again, about the importance of breaks from our daily routines. Time away from the 10,000 things of daily life, time with no new input. Time to make meaning.

The end of the year break is one that is easy supported in our culture, but there’s no reason we can’t build them into our schedules more frequently. And the time to do that, for 2016, is now. Open up your calendar and slot in time for yourself to think throughout this year, to take the bigger view and to process the onslaught of information into useful knowledge – into wisdom.  Then do the same for your leadership teams.  Not to review tactics and plans (although also important) but to consider the possibilities. It is an essential component of leadership.

Karen Walker

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