Three-Quarters of Our Time

I read an interesting statistic this week: three-quarters of our time is spent communicating. It’s not surprising when I think about it, just eye-opening. Three-quarters!

There are hundreds of models for effective communication and yet we still have difficulty. 

So I’ve been thinking about what lies under effective communications. Every communication has two active roles – sender and receiver. Each role must pay attention to these three areas:




All of these must be present for the sender and the receiver. Both roles have responsibilities.

For the sender:

  • Curiosity about how to communicate in this specific circumstance
  • Intention about what to communicate
  • Understanding that the communication was received and comprehended

For the receiver:

  • Curiosity about what is being communicated and why
  • Intention to understand
  • Understanding and verification – ask questions until you do

We spend the majority of our time communicating, so a focus on improving even incrementally will have a big impact. Try it this week, and let me know how it goes!

Karen Walker
— One Team Consulting


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