What’s the Best?

One of my projects this summer is sorting. Sorting through my stuff – books, papers, clothes – but also sorting through my activities. I’m constantly searching for the best use of my space and the best use of my time. 

Such as the best:

  • Exercise in the shortest period of time
  • Clothing that travels well
  • Apple product(s) that fits my needs
  • Food on the road that keeps me fit 
  • Book to read on vacation

Clients are also often asking me “what’s the best” on topics such as:

  • Planning process
  • Method for dealing with conflict
  • Book on leadership
  • Method to debrief
  • Plan to hold ourselves accountable

The answer to both sets of “what’s the best” questions is quite straightforward. 

“The best” is fleeting and completely contextual. 

Because there will always be room for improvement – over time if nothing else – the best can only be heralded in the presence of a qualifier. 

The best you can find with the time that you have, the best you can do with the staff that you have, the best you can afford with your budget….and so on. 

So let’s get over our fear of missing out and declare that “the best” is the one that you have time to find, that meets that need and that you will actually use.

 And spend our time on more important issues. 

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