This time of year our Vermont farmers’ markets are coming into harvest season. I have to be mindful each Saturday morning not to buy more than we can reasonably consume in a week. It’s hard! I both want to buy a variety of beautiful vegetables (all good for me) and I want to buy from a number of farmers. The result can be an over stuffed refrigerator and later, drawers of wilted, wasted veggies.

At work, a similar dilemma can appear. How do we decide what to do and not to do? There are many opportunities in front of growth firms and often, we spend time on too many of them, failing to focus on a vital few. The result is rarely outright failure of the firm, but instead a failure to thrive, to make those exponential leaps forward in our business that propel us to the next level.  

With an abundance of opportunity, how will you decide on the vital few?


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