The Roadmap to Creating a Hypergrowth Executive High Performance Team

Building a high-performance executive team is essential for businesses looking to achieve hypergrowth. However, it requires more than just assembling a group of talented individuals. To unlock the full potential of your team and drive exceptional results, you need a well-defined roadmap. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a […]

Unleashing Potential: How Executive Coaching Supports Hypergrowth in Organizations

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organizations are constantly under pressure to achieve hypergrowth and outperform their competition. To stay ahead of the curve, many companies are turning to executive coaching as a powerful tool to unleash the potential of their leaders and drive growth on a whole new level. Executive coaching goes beyond the traditional […]

Persistent Systems: Balancing Culture And Values With Rapid Growth

Persistent Systems is a leader in digital engineering and enterprise modernization, working alongside independent software vendors to develop products and platforms like SaaS and cloud technology. The company has annualized revenue of approximately $1 billion, a market cap of $4.6 billion and more than 20,000 employees globally. I recently spoke with Sandeep Kalra, the company’s […]

Keeping The Customer In Mind: Verizon’s Approach To Business Markets And SaaS

Business Markets and SaaS, a division of Verizon Business, supports small to medium-sized businesses through their digital transformations by offering services and solutions to help them grow and thrive in today’s ever-changing market. I recently spoke with Aparna Khurjekar, the newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer for Verizon’s Business Markets and SaaS division, to discuss her […]

HCLTech’s Culture Of Innovation Propels Growth

HCL Technologies (HCLTech) is a $12 billion global technology company with 220,000 people in 54 countries, offering services in digital transformation, engineering, R&D and software products. I recently spoke with C. Vijayakumar (CVK), CEO and Managing Director, who shared his thoughts on business shifting to digital services, leading a global organization, and transforming the fan […]

Using Technology And Culture To Simplify Data Storage

Pure Storage’s mission is to help organizations around the world “to uncomplicate data storage, forever.” Charles Giancarlo, CEO and Chairman at Pure Storage, shared his insights on innovation in the data storage industry, leading through hyper-growth and fostering culture in a hybrid environment. Simplify Data Storage Data storage is a critical component of any organization’s […]

Leading Lenovo’s Move Toward Solutions And Services

Lenovo, a leading technology provider with roughly 80,000 employees worldwide, has made a significant move into the services and solutions business with the establishment of Lenovo Solutions and Services Group (SSG). I recently sat down with Ken Wong, the President of SSG, to discuss the company, making the shift to solutions and services, leading a […]

Daniel Schmid Crafts A Sustainability Playbook For SAP

Software giant SAP is a global leader in many social responsibility realms. Daniel Schmid, SAP’s Chief Sustainability Officer, discussed how the company became a leader in international corporate sustainability efforts, why he’s optimistic and what’s next. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Karen Walker: Daniel, you were in a senior management role for […]

McGraw Hill’s Simon Allen: An Accidental CEO Leads Global EdTech

McGraw Hill, the 130 year-old educational publishing company, is now a leading global provider of digital products and services in education, medical, business and trade sectors. I recently met with president and CEO Simon Allen and discussed McGraw Hill’s decades old shift to digital from print. We also spoke about topics including M&A, the broader macro impact that […]

David Chubak: Leading With Humble Hustle At Citi

David Chubak, Citi’s CEO of Retail Services, which services 78 million co-brand and private label credit card accounts ($92 billion in purchase sales), partners with a diverse group of merchants to support their commercial growth. We spoke recently about how the bank is responding to changes in the industry and consumer behavior, and his career […]

Lessons From Formula E Racing For High-Performance Teams

Most Americans are familiar with Formula 1 racing, popularized by the Netflix show Drive to Survive. Much less well-known is a fascinating analog, Formula E racing, which was created in 2012 with a mission to show “just what sustainable mobility was capable of, driving electric vehicles to the fore in the race for a better, cleaner future.” […]

Innovator Ayse Birsel: Design The Long Life You Love

As our lifespans have increased, so have the opportunities to use those additional years in a creative way. Ayse Birsel – author, award-winning industrial designer and innovator, creates products and systems with Fortune 500 companies and has turned her talent to designing life. We spoke recently about her new book, Design the Long Life You Love: […]

Tom And Darr Aley’s Aidentified: The Relationship Cloud Reimagining Sales Ops

Tom and Darr Aley are twin brothers with a stellar track record in founding and managing successful companies such as Generate, which was acquired by Dow Jones in 2009, and were early investors in companies such as Netprospex, which was acquired by D&B in 2016.  Aidentified is their latest venture, founded to solve a problem they identified early in their careers: how to quickly […]

ReliaQuest CEO Brian Murphy Finds Success Through Hard Work And Tailwinds

Brian Murphy, founder and CEO of cybersecurity firm ReliaQuest, listened to his clients and led the company through a shift to a SaaS based model. ReliaQuest recently announced a new round of funding led by global investment firm KKR, with a pre-money valuation of more than $1 billion. We spoke about what it took for the […]

Christina Kosmowski, LogicMonitor’s New Customer Centric CEO

Christina Kosmowski established her career creating customer success at hyper-growth companies Salesforce and Slack. We recently discussed her path and her appointment as CEO at LogicMonitor, the cloud-based infrastructure monitoring and observability platform provider. This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity. Karen Walker: You previously held senior positions at Salesforce and Slack, and came to […]

Inflection’s CEO Mike Grossman: Good People, Good Values, Good Business

Mike Grossman has been a software entrepreneur and CEO for more than 20 years. He joined background screening company Inflection in 2018 and has steered their entry into the enterprise space. We spoke recently about the modernization of the screening business and how the values of his organization are the key component of their success. This interview […]

Offensive Security’s Ning Wang: Following Her Passion From Physics To Cybersecurity CEO

Ning Wang, CEO at Offensive Security (OffSec), joined the company with a mandate to transform the business model into a subscription-based learning platform. We recently spoke about her path to becoming a CEO and about OffSec’s “secret sauce” in the cybersecurity training world. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Karen Walker: Ning, you have a […]

Shelly Kapoor Collins: Creating Access To Capital, Networks And Markets For Women

Shelly Kapoor Collins is a partner at Sway Ventures and the founding partner at the Shatter Fund. She’s also held a variety of positions in the public sector, including a position on the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) in the second Obama administration. We spoke recently about the impetus behind Shatter, her decision to join […]

CEO Brian Doubles Leads $16 Billion Financial Services Company Synchrony With Agility

Brian Doubles became CEO at consumer financial services company Synchrony earlier this year. He’s since impacted areas from strategy to organization design and operations. We spoke recently about the shift, Synchrony’s new strategy and how working remotely has helped his team stay aligned. Karen Walker: Brian, you’ve only been in your role for a few months. What […]

Ed Walsh And ChaosSearch: Data Access At Scale

Ed Walsh recently left IBM to become CEO of ChaosSearch, a cloud-native data lake platform that indexes data at scale. ChaosSearch closed a $40 million Series B funding round co-led by Stripes and Moore Strategic Ventures in late 2020, after growing revenue by 766%, tripling their customer base, doubling their headcount, and are on pace to […]

John Werner Reimagines TEDx As Something Extraordinary

John Werner, successful serial entrepreneur, technology startup investor and mentor, has spent his career bringing ideas to life in order to solve big problems. Among his achievements, he is one of the founders of TEDxBoston and has reimagined what TEDx can be with a recent event in Boston. TED conferences began in 1984 focused on the intersection […]

Bringing AI To A/B: OfferFit’s Founders Solve A MarTech Problem

OfferFit, a marketing technology firm focused on personalizing multi-channel communications by replacing A/B testing with self-learning AI, has just received a $14M Series A. The round is being led by Canvas Ventures, with participation from Alumni Ventures Group, Carbide Ventures and angel investors Jeremy Stoppelman and David Edelman. I spoke with founders George Khachatryan (CEO) […]

CEO Mike Betzer’s Triple Play At Enterprise AI Firm Hypergiant

I recently spoke with Mike Betzer, the new CEO of Hypergiant, the Austin-based enterprise AI company. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Karen Walker: How did you land at Hypergiant? Mike Betzer: I spent 14 years growing MCI, and it was unbelievable. We were this tiny little company that was competing against AT&T, […]