Ep. 83: Thinking Bigger | with Karen Walker by Richard Shuster

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway “Find a way to connect to something. Find it as early as you can in your career. Connect to something outside yourself – something bigger than your small self. That will lead you to what I think is most important: thinking bigger: thinking bigger about the impact you […]

Karen Walker, No Dumbing Down and On-Demand Motivation, The Coaching Show

No Dumbing Down and On-Demand Motivation Guest: Karen Walker Karen Walker is a consultant, author, and advisor to CEOs and senior leaders. She helps her clients grow their companies with successful outcomes that include IPOs, acquisitions, market share increases, and significant leadership development. Her clients include Inc. 500 start-ups and Fortune 500 firms. Her work […]

Intentions vs. Behaviors

Karen discusses the gap between our intentions and our behaviors. How to set smart goals for your company.

Exit Strategy Insights

Where do you intend to go as a corporation? What are your realistic long term goals? How do you make your market segment broad enough for your exit strategy?

Laying the Tracks

LAYING THE TRACKS: Move in a direction that following the tracks. If the tracks are strong, we can build and reduce the possibility of not jumping the tracks. Make sure your moving along the lines that are Directionally correct.

The Growth Gap Part 5: Which option are you capable of?

Which option is your organization capable of doing?Have insights that you implement. Put things on your calendar that will implement that action. One thing that you will do differently after listening to this podcast. Don’t miss the value from the growth gap. Hold yourself accountable for closing the growth gap.

The Growth Gap Part 4: Close the growth gap and change the world

Holding your feet to the Fire No discipline of accountability in an organization. Create a disciple for follow thru Clear success criteria: line of sight Measure and Reward Master the Art of Leverage: highest and best use of your time Ask questions about process Tell me one thing that makes this meeting effective and one […]

The Growth Gap Part 3: Avoid the shiny new things

Avoid the Abundance Trap: Framework for saying NO What not to doClarity: avoid the shiny new things. Resolve your conflicts. Prioritize your opportunities Align your stars: Get your hands rowing in sync and in one direction. M+A: avoid the M+D merge and destroyHow to make the deal work.Clear goals, prioritization and rewarding the behaviors you […]

The Growth Gap Part 2: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Creating Time to Think: Archimedes 200 BC / Eureka Away from the urgent and into the important If you don’t create time to think, nobody else will No new input: synthesize What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Drop constraints Allowing yourself to think big has not downside and a lot of […]

The Growth Gap Framework: Lead into your potential

History of CompaqLead into your potential. Vibrancy.WHERE ARE YOUR GAPS TODAY?The actions that you take and the result for the company. Operating efficiently. What is the Growth Gap: Space between where you are today and your potential. Sustaining growth creates gaps. Work differently, not harder. Growth Gap Framework / reach your potential for yourself and […]

The Right Time for Change

Creating internal strategies to drive and support your external growth. Karen discusses the fine line between too much change and stagnation. We must have change!


Creating internal strategies to drive and support your external growth. Karen discusses the reasons smart CEOs need support in order to decrease the likelihood of blind spots in their business.