Which One is Which?

Perspective. It is so important to remember that we each
have our own and that others’ are different. I stood in line at a buffet last
week during a small workshop. Before me were 2 types of fruit smoothies: strawberry
and kiwi. The man in line ahead of  me asked “which is which?” I smiled, thinking he was making a
joke, as anyone could see one was red and one was green. I chuckled and didn’t
otherwise respond. He said again “which is which?” I looked at him and he said “I’m
color blind.” Oh. I hope his colorblind-ness covered the red of my blushing
face.  For fear of not looking
stupid and missing a small joke (these red ones are the strawberry and these,
the green ones, are kiwi, duh), I contributed to an awkward moment.

On the hand, he could have started the conversation with “I’m
color blind, which is which?”

Remember differing perspectives.

Ask for what you want, disclose helpful information to get

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