Linking Work with Customer Impact

From here, it is hard to say exactly what went wrong and where within the GM system that led to the 13 deaths caused by ignition switch defect.  I will leave that analysis to others. I am sure that most GM employees area as concerned about safety as I am, they drive their families in cars too.

That said, incorporating the impact of failure into the GM system is one imperative takeaway learning. 

I’d post pictures of the wrecks, newspaper (public) stories of the victims and their families, etc in offices and  factories as a clear link for each and every employee between their jobs and their customers. Those jobs aren’t just about the color of the car, the sound of the engine, the newest technology headlights. At base, we expect, and have a right to expect, that outside of accidents, our cars to be safe when running. And these weren’t. Volvo has long taken this on as their brand, Mercedes as well. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for GM and others too.

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