60 Second Survey – How Large is Your Gap?

How large is the gap between your present and your potential?

Take this 60-second survey to rate your organization:

Scale 1-10
1   Could you repeat the question? (Never thought of it)
3   We say we do this, but we don’t (Intention without action)
5   I’ve seen it happen here, once (Action without follow up)
7   Mostly, unless something more urgent comes up (Important crowded out by the urgent)
10 That’s us! (On track!)

•    Do you cultivate curiosity or view it as a distraction?

•    Do you have the right mix of procedures/freedom for your current size, or are you too loose/too tight?

•    Is the organization open to new options on the journey, or focused solely on the end point?

•    Are all employees rewarded for agility, or is it relegated to tech development?

•    Are you seeking various viewpoints from stakeholders or the nearest, loudest voices?

•    As a leader are you viewing over the next mountain range, or you looking at your feet?

•    Do your employees have exceptional jobs or showing up for the benefits?

•    Are you reviewing and rewarding outcomes or just actions?

•    Do you have a strategic profile to guide decisions or is your strategy gathering dust on a shelf?

•    Do you want to have it all, or to do it all?

90-100 Congrats! Let’s fight entropy together & keep moving in this direction as you grow
70-90 You’re leaving a lot on the table 
Below 70 You’re on a downward slope. Success is in the other direction.

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