But That’s the CEO’s Job!

In a meeting with a venture capitalist, I explained who I work with (CEOs), what I do (grow bigger, better companies), and how I do it (creating and aligning internal strategies to support external growth).

His response, “But that’s the CEOs job!”

Yes, and … 

Any good leader knows their strengths and areas where they need shoring up. In this case, the CEO is financially brilliant – strategically and tactically – and knows that he needs an extraordinarily strong team to lead his company’s fast-paced growth. In this case, the CEO also knows utilizing my outside expertise has been valuable in the past.

My response – “He’s successful because he’s talented and he knows both his strengths and the weaker links in his skill set. Isn’t that what you’d want in a CEO?”

It’s so important to realize that we’re not – and don’t need to be – omnipotent, even at the desk where the buck stops. Do what you are good at, and what you enjoy, then reinforce everywhere else. Your “weaknesses” will almost never turn into strengths, but that doesn’t mean that they have to hold you back.


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