Clarity Creates Confidence

Sometimes I wake up at 3:30 a.m. Not every night, not even often. But when I do, it’s usually because I need to make a list. There’s something in my head that is unsettled. I need to create clarity for myself about what must be done, what the options are, or even just what the next step is for a client.

When we are clear about what must be done and why, we are internally more confident.

Most of you are gearing up this time of year for board meetings to share your vision and to create clarity – and confidence – about your 2017 plans.

You must also share the plan with your staff and the rest of your organization in a way that allows them to gain clarity too.  They must understand not only what the plan is but also why. Only then will they have the confidence to know what they need to do in order to make the plan happen – those 10,000 daily decisions that are made out of your sight.

To create organizational confidence, share in these three ways:

  • Share early. You don’t need to cross every t and dot every i before you share.
  • Share the ambiguity. Getting input when you are about 80% done creates buy-in and ownership.
  • Share often. Communicate when further updates will occur, and then stick to the schedule. Plan for 2017 check-ins once a quarter.

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