In the Weeds

Try as I might, I often find myself “in the weeds” in the weeks preceding my vacations. This month was no exception. I’ve packed 6 weeks worth of activities into 4 in order to allow for 2 weeks of relatively unscheduled time. Everything important + urgent gets done (at least so far) but it’s an uncomfortable place for me. I find myself lamenting the lack of time for the thing that I let go of…

The thing that is important but not urgent. My time for thinking and planning.

My insight this week was to let go of the lamenting. This condition is in fact the reason that I plan and it is a great example of preferences at play.  

I  have such an affinity for the big picture that when I lose the sightline, even for a short period of time, it feels like I am off track. 

But I’m not. Because when I am in the the weeds, without the time to lift up my head and think long term, I’m actually still working on the right things. In fact, my task list includes solid progress on several long term goals (new book, new workshops and more).

 The weeds are where things get done.

What are your preferences for big picture vs. present? Action vs. planning? Try stretching yourself outside of what’s usual for you. Notice your reaction – and your results.

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