Not Getting the Behaviors You Want?

You don’t need to use a megaphone. Just ask for what you want, notice what you get.

Your chances of getting what you want increase exponentially if others know what you want – and if you notice what you get.

Too often we reverse these – I might hear from a client, ” I’m not getting what I want from x. ” 

“Does she know you want it? “

“I think so. She should, she might, she ought to …”


No, you must be explicit. Be clear. Be unambiguous. Ask for what you want. 

Then, notice what you get. 

And if you still aren’t getting what you want, look at these:

  • Does the person have the skill to deliver? If not, can it be taught in an acceptable period of time?
  • Are they being rewarded for a different, opposing behavior?

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