Perspective (or Why Thanksgiving is My Favorite Holiday)

Perspective is an invaluable competency. The ability to see what is truly important. 

One of my clients uses the phrase “no one lost on eye,” a friend says “no one is shooting at us.” These words are grounding, pulling us back from over reaction to the the merely loud.

We live beyond what kings and queens could have imagined for most of human history.  If you are reading this newsletter, you have literally unimaginable access to food – safety – information – productivity tools – transportation – health care – and more. 

It can be difficult to keep this perspective when we’re caught up in the 10,000 things of daily life. Gratitude gives us perspective.

Let’s use the Thanksgiving holiday to both remind ourselves how fortunate we are and to find ways to infuse the perspective of gratitude back into our daily lives.

Let perspective help us enjoy the journey.

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