Coach Phil Jackson famously uses mindfulness training to get his teams into game shape – knowing that mental state profoundly affects performance.

George Mumford has led these sessions for Jackson’s teams, and was quoted in the NY Times this week. He says the results include:

 “This ability to step back and observe your experience in an uncritical way, you can actually understand how your mind works, how your body works, how the universe works, how basketball works,” he said. “And also understanding that when you’re performing at your best level, there’s usually a lack of self-consciousness.”

How we can apply this in the corporate world? For us, this is the time of year for Board level 2017 planning meetings. A big game! What’s your pre-game plan to do your best? 

Here are a few routines that I’ve found most useful for me and my clients:

  • A good night’s sleep.
  • A thoughtful amount of caffeine – don’t over do it.
  • Pre-meeting music to get you into the appropriate “arousal state.” I use an upbeat playlist. You might need something more calming. But figure out what works for you and try it.
  • A few minutes (or more) of pre-meeting meditation / focusing on your breath, and positive visualizations of how the meeting will flow.
  • Make a few cryptic notes and keep them in front of you during the meeting.
  • Note behaviors that you want to work on to be more effective – listening? Being concise? Jot it down.
  • Also note a couple of your strengths – there is a reason you are where you are! Use these, but don’t over use them. Don’t dumb down but also don’t turn your strength into a weakness. 

Great athletes have a pre-game routine. It gets them into the flow, it allows them to do their best work. Shouldn’t you have one too?

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