Shortlist: 12 Best Practices

I’ve compiled a shortlist of best practices for internal alignment and engagement. I’ve seen these work, over and over again, in successful growth companies. 


  • 9 Box talent review: Performance vs Potential
  • Tour of Duty conversations / CEO 1-1
  • Weekly check-ins: 3-5 bullets this week/last week
  • Quarterly executive level meetings / big picture topics
  • Annual leadership offsite: 1-2 levels
    • Where are we going? How will we get there? How are we doing?
  • Leadership development for 2nd level
  • 360 developmental feedback
  • Seeking multiple outside perspectives: coaching/consultation/advisory for CEO
  • Bi-annual all hands meetings: presentations from all levels
  • Weekly exec sync lunches (call-in when necessary)
  • Behavioral-based interviewing: focus not just on what they can do, but also how they do it. Highlight the ability to deal successfully with ambiguity.
  • Vigorous attention to conflict management and decision making options


Discipline, accountability and commitment to process. There’s no secret formula, but there is a proven path that creates and aligns your internal strategies to support external growth.

Are there holes in your processes?

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