The Right Question

Planning for 2017 is well underway for most of your organizations. A common method is goal setting that begins with the question “what do we want?”

But “what do we want” is not really the right question – or at least not the right first question …

I’ve found that starting with “what are we doing now that works for us” is a more effective place to begin. Then work on what you want.

If you start with what’s working when goal setting, here a few of the benefits:

  • You build on your strengths.
  • The organization already knows how to be successful.
  • People will understand the behaviors that are required and allowed, and those that aren’t. 
  • You will have a reference point and leverage for any new “wanted” behaviors.

I’m not suggesting that you ignore new possibilities, you should be setting goals that stretch and grow the organization. But you’ll be more successful if you start with a clear understanding of what’s true for your organizations today – and why –  and then use those strengths to move forward.

Start with your strengths, then apply them as levers to where you want to go.

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