Sometimes there isn’t a better choice, just a different one. 

Legacy vs Lameduck

In a recent client conversation, we talked about an end-client relationship that was ending. The mindset here is often Lameduck — how do I move beyond this specific end-client. Fair enough, but what if you also view it as an opportunity for Legacy? For creating something meaningful for the end-client to leave for the organization? […]

Is my team up to the task?

I’m asked this question frequently. My initial response: Do they know what the task is and why? Do they know how their self interests align with goals? Start here, then move on to competencies and skills.

Fresh Eyes

When was the last time someone looked at your product with fresh eyes? Without your internal biases, your knowledge of its history, your concern about sunk costs? When was the last time someone looked at your organization with fresh eyes? Without your biases and your blindspots? Don’t discard what you know, enhance it with a new […]

You Can’t Coach Speed?

Click below for newsletter A friend, who is an athlete and a coach, mentioned over a dinner conversation that “you can’t coach speed.”

The Sweet Spot for Growth

All jobs are application of expertise.Growth and potential are realized when you align your expertise with your passion and with a market need. Have you articulated this for your organization and for yourself? 

Brilliant Strategy ?

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your strategy is if the rest of your organization can’t connect their actions directly back to achieving it.  To close your growth gap, ensure that your goals and objectives are understood, shared and then acted upon by everyone in the organization. It is February, what is the evidence that your […]

The Cost of Compromise

When resolving conflict, many of us are drawn to compromise. But there is a cost … Click here for more

The Third Week

According to an article in the WSJ this morning, the third week of January is when we lose the behaviors that support new year’s resolutions.  If you are losing your resolve, take time to review  the underlying reason for the resolution, not just the resolution itself.  Then take something off of your calendar that doesn’t […]

Top 5 Myths about Leadership: Quoted in US News and World Report

Excerpted (italics mine) from a US News and World Report article by Robin Madell: “The concept of great leadership is one of the most often discussed – and least understood – workplace topics. We may recognize certain people as exceptional leaders when we see them in action, yet have a difficult time pinpointing what it is that they do differently or better. […]

Mindset Matters

I was standing at the airport gate, waiting to board. A woman walked by with an innovative child carrier attached to her roll-aboard luggage. The person to my left said “wish I’d though of that,” from the other side I hear “I wish I’d patented that.” Guess which one sat in first class?

Coach, Don’t Just Manage

Part of your job is developing your staff but this doesn’t have to be always done in performance review style. Get an informal rhythm set up with your staff where you check-in with them – how are they feeling about their work, how can you support them? It’s one of those quick & easy actions […]

That time of year

Yes, it is planning season. The fourth quarter is a flurry of activity in preparation for the new year. Here are three tips to make your planning more effective: Spend time for a true debrief of 2014 Ensure that your functional groups share their goals with each other Proactively schedule time now for 2015 to […]

Tough Choices

Sometimes clients get hung up on how to rank their most important initiatives (all of which need to be done). If you’ve looked at the variables, your priorities, your customer needs, etc and everything is still really close, just pick one and get started. Not taking action will be far more detrimental than putting priority […]


Have you provided context for your employees – do you have it for yourself? The ten thousand decisions we make every day are improved by understanding the context (pick a word — the big picture, the intention, the sweet spot) for our work. Without it we are blindly throwing darts at a wall. How much […]

For Customer Satisfaction — Apply This!

Ritz-Carlton employee to very satisfied guest: “This is not a hotel, it is a customer experience.”  This viewpoint is core to customer satisfaction in any industry. What is the customer experience that you are trying to create? Does everyone in the organization understand it and the part they play?


We like to think of a change as a moment in time — a product launch, a move. Most changes, though, occur as transitions over time, occasionally with a visible date marker ( see above). It can be difficult to see the beginning of the transition, often we are only aware toward the end of […]

Straight “A”s

Agility, Ambiguity, Alignment. Three great “A”s to accelerate growth:  the ability to quickly respond with agility to the new or to the unforeseen, the ability to deal comfortably with the ambiguity that is 21st century life, and the ability to align actions with priorities and strategy.   

Speak THEIR Language

Another tip from your salesforce – speak the language of your audience!  Senior leaders must learn to communicate in ways that enable others to understand. If someone needs detail, figure out how to give it to them even if that’s not your preference. For broader communication make sure all of the bases are covered: big […]

Sustainable Growth Expert Karen Walker Shows CEOs,CXOs …

Sustainable Growth Expert Karen Walker Shows Atlanta CEOs, CXOs How to Tap Unrealized Organizational Potential ATLANTA, Oct. 14, 2014 –  Most companies aren’t getting the maximum value from the execution of their business strategies, according to Karen D. Walker, president of  Oneteam Consulting, the global expert at exploiting unrealized organizational growth potential. As an early […]

It’s not just you —

To keep on top of your priorities, good intentions aren’t enough. They are necessary but need the support of skills, prioritization and accountability. Find a way to acquire these through development and systems. Friends, colleagues, coaches can help. You don’t have to go this alone!